Monthly Business & Language Networking Event

You are invited !!  

 Come and celebrate the European Day of Languages with JIGGLAW

VENUE: 5 min from St Pauls' Tube Station (full address upon registration)

Date: 25 September 2014

Time: from 18.30 PM ONWARDS

Registration: £10 (evening snack included)

RSVP: before 24.09.2014. Don´t forget to mention the language and your level.


This event is once again part of our commitment to increasing language awareness in business and more particularly among professionals in the legal sector. 

Participants can use, learn, practice and brush up languages skills whilst they also learn and improve on how to network more efficiently with foreign potential customers and clients…International Networking is an art and languages open doors!

Following a very lively Monthly Business & Language Networking Event in August, our next Monthly Business & Language Networking Event will take place on 25th September in London.

At our last event participants were thrilled. It was awesome to see different professional and cultural backgrounds blending incredibly well through languages. In fact, we had a great unplanned brainstorming session tossing ideas back and forth (pure gold!)...

Networking is building trust and this always takes time regardless of professions, cultures and nationalities. It´s much more than handing your business card to anyone, in fact, it’s a bidirectional communication process where cultural awareness and language understanding are key to develop good cross-border or foreign business relationships.

Some quotes from participants:

"It´s an illusion to speak a language, you need something else than the language to learn it. It´s the interest behind the language that makes you stick at it"

"You need to like the sound of a language; otherwise you will never learn it"

"If there is no place to practice a language you lose it"

"When you attempt to use a language in business is when you become aware of your limits"

"The challenge of using languages in business is to ascertain the real purport of words"


Remember good networkers like presenters are made, not born

Eliminate interference to unlock your potential, don´t be shy and set aside time to practise !