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Our multilingual consulting service is specially designed to meet and satisfy the needs of any business people and lawyers. Our network of professionals makes easier your work when it comes to communicate outside your native language in a business and/or win business overseas.



  • CONSULTANT LAWYER SOLUTIONS TO BUSINESS, LAW FIRMS AND START-UPS- whether you need a locum lawyer to handle specific projects or disputes or some on- going legal support. 

  • CULTURAL & INTERNATIONALIZATION CONSULTING sessions to businesses and lawyers interested in expanding their client and business connections in other countries. We help business people and businesses to overcome the intercultural and language barriers in order to minimise the loss of potential new clients and allow them to expand their market.

  • LEGAL & BUSINESS CROSS- BORDER & MICRO-CONSULTING sessions to assist businesses when it comes to legal or business matters in other countries. We aim to create a bespoke strategic consulting service that can meet their needs. Therefore we work to support the companies to boost successful cross-border transactions, allowing them to make smarter decisions and achieve the effective freedom of movement of workers and services. 

  • LANGUAGE CONSULTING sessions to assist lawyers and businesses interested in communicating their knowledge, services and ideas in other countries. We aim to help our clients to add those last native language nuances to their documents. We offer the possibility of having your document reviewed and embellished in the language of your choice and of having the vocabulary and communication of ideas enhanced by checking the terminology of your legal or business document or article. We will fully respect the style of the author by focusing only on the grammar and accuracy of words to make your document look and sound more professional.

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  • LANGUAGE AUDIT sessions. We are committed to the development of the use of languages in the business and legal world. We strongly believe in the urgent need of awareness of the benefits of people being able to speak more than one language at a high level in executive and managerial positions. At the same time it is important to be able to understand and use legal and business terminology in those non native languages to increase the quality of cross-border negotiations, transactions and litigation. Therefore, we assist companies in identifying what languages are relevant to them, where and how they are used and what other languages can help your company to increase profits. We provide training options and assist clients to invest in the right people, to develop and implement languages strategies within the business and maximize the potential of the services.

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  • NEGOTIATION SUPPORT to lawyers and businesses interested in minimizing linguistic and cultural misunderstanding during their negotiations. We can provide a comprehensive assistance to make sure that you know enough about the legal and business culture of the other party. We ensure that your legal and business documents allow you to keep progression of the negotiation smooth, so you do not give away power during the negotiation. We also offer negotiation workshops.

  • MEDIATION SUPPORT to lawyers and businesses involved in a cross-cultural mediation.  As information does not always flows where it is meant to flow and communication takes place in two levels: what we say and how we say it, the message tends to get crossed on both sides. It becomes even more complicated to resolve disputes and reach a mutually acceptable agreement if linguistic nuances and cultural values are involved. We can provide bi-cultural assistance to identify the causes of cross-cultural communication differences and similarities in order to enable you to communicate with the other party more efficiently.

  • ARBITRATION SUPPORT  We can provide assistance with the drafting of arbitration clauses ensuring the highest quality of all the different language versions. If  parties are from countries with different languages, it is important to specify the language of the arbitration. We can also assist you to get a deeper understanding on how ad-hoc /institutional arbitration proceedings work. Our specialised arbitration linguist-lawyers can also assist you with the preparation of arbitration proceedings . 



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