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For other languages please contact us as we might be able to assist you. 

Linguist Lawyers 

It takes at least two people to communicate effectively in any language.Similarly, accurate native translations and language & business consulting services require a team of native speakers. 
That´s why, we always work in teams.

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points to remember

We can help. 
Every client is unique to us.
Every request is different and we take the time to tailor our services to your specific needs.
    • All our consultants,  translators, editors, trainers are native in the target and source language 
    • Our translation and language support team work simultaneously on your document.
    • We handpick each of our professionals by meeting and testing them personally to ensure their knowledge, quality and professionalism.
    • We pride ourselves on quality service before, during and after the whole process.
    • All our legal translators, trainers and consultants are legally qualified in one or more jurisdictions.
    • We invest time on professional development of our staff
    • We support our translators and editors with their learning development on specific legal terminology to increase the level of their fluent languages and the accuracy of the translation.
    • We strongly believe that cultural, academic and linguistic diversity enriches our performance and services and enable us to adapt to different working methods, ideas and expectations.

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Are you looking for a linguist-lawyer/ dual qualified lawyer?

If you want to find a lawyer who speaks preferably your first language and has a solid background on the area of law related to your situation. ..

let us know as we might have some good options for you !

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