Our network is composed by qualified collaborative Linguist Lawyers 

(e.g. Solicitors, Abogados, Barristers-at-Law, avvocati, avocats, Rechtsanwalt)

  • who are native in at least one language and fluent in one or more language 
  • who collaborate with accredited linguists and multilingual professionals
  • who work to increase the visibility of languages in the legal sector
  • who are constantly on the look out for opportunities
  • who aim to foster transnational legal training among legal professionals
We co-design solutions with you for your specific needs
We foster innovation, team building and adaptability
We bridge opportunities across boundaries 
We support the initiative "Law and lawyers without barriers"
W e support research on the intersection between languages and the law 
We encourage the development of legal awareness among entrepreneurs, business professionals and the general public